About Us


John with wife Jessica and kids Noah and William

It all started with insoles...

Developing insoles came about as a result of spending all day on concrete. Discomfort was a daily feeling for John, so he started researching and experimenting, and after over a year of testing different materials, thicknesses, densities, and combinations, settled on one which solved the discomfort; this became our first insole, the Legacy.

Through continued research we found that the shoes we were wearing were not particularly healthly for our feet and more importantly, our body as a whole.

As a result of the shoes we've worn over the last 30-some odd years, we have slightly deformed feet. The good news is the deformation can be reversed with healthy footwear, toe spacers, and good ol' time.

We wish you the best and hope we can serve you on your journey to healthier footwear and more importantly, a healthier body.