Legacy and LegacyThree Bundle
Legacy and LegacyThree Bundle
Legacy and LegacyThree Bundle
Legacy and LegacyThree Bundle

Legacy and LegacyThree Bundle

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You wanted it and we listened: a Legacy and LegacyThree bundle! Includes one pair of the 6mm Legacy insoles and one pair of the 3mm LegacyThree insoles.

  • Dual-layer technology: Upper layer contours the foot which helps distribute weight over a greater area, leading to reduced pressure points and increased support and stability. Bottom layer reduces peak deceleration G-forces (which means greater shock reduction) and adds durability to the insole.
  • High performance moisture-wicking fabric on top pulls water away keeping your feet drier.
  • Material has high resistance to compression-set; it will not squish down over time like most memory-foam-type of insoles.
  • Treated with Microban® to prevent growth of odor causing bacteria.
  • Can be easily trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors.


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    United States United States
    I can wear my barefoot boots comfortably now!

    I bought a pair of groundies boots and was so discouraged when I tried to walk on concrete. The ground just felt too hard. I needed a more cushion. I did some research and ordered North sole legacy threes and they are the PERFECT solution. My boots are SO comfortable now, even walking on concrete. Thank you!

    Debra T.
    United States United States
    Unbelievable comfort

    I was skeptical at first, because I purchased so many insoles that were so uncomfortable that made my feet ache. But these insoles are a godsend. I will be purchasing more of these for my minimal shoes. Thank you!!

    Chris S.
    United States United States
    Like walking on a cloud

    I absolutely love these insoles. They are incredibly comfortable. The Legacy Three fits perfectly in the two pairs of flat sole shoes that I don't have much space in, and the Legacy is wonderful in my larger Vivo's. I spend the entire day on my feet, and run about 3.5 miles/day. From the moment I put shoes on until the moment I take them off, I'm standing on a Legacy insert and I will continue to do so forever. I feel no stiffness or soreness, and really am a lifelong customer going forward. Whatever you need to read to convince you to buy these, just pretend you that I wrote that. You will be absolutely thrilled that you chose these!

    United States United States
    A great investment for transitioning to barefoot shoes

    My husband and I really like both the 6mm and 3mm insoles. The 6mm ones feel luxurious and they're great for really long walks. Between the two of us, we've confirmed that the 6mm ones feel better in the Vivobarefoot Gobis vs the Primus Lites (the Gobis have a little more height, so you still have plenty of room in the shoe). The 3mm ones are our favorites and are what we wear most often. They give just enough cushion and make the transition to barefoot shoes a more positive experience!

    Christopher I.
    United States United States
    Awesome Insoles

    So I was looking for some Insoles to go in a pair of cheap zero drop shoes. Stumbled on these and decided to give them a try. I am in love with these! The 6mm are too tall but the LegacyThree are perfect! They give enough support and make my cheap zero drop shoes feel like expensive ones. Will definitely order another pair in the future.