LegacyThree (Standard Cushion)
LegacyThree (Standard Cushion)
NorthSole LegacyThree vs Legacy
LegacyThree (Standard Cushion)

LegacyThree (Standard Cushion)

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The little brother to the original 6mm Legacy; the exact same material except in a typical insole thickness of 3mm. Has the same characeteristics as the 6mm including:
  • NASA grade materials: The materials we use are THE BEST. Our foam will not squish down over time like other memory foam insoles do, allowing you to put on many more miles, comfortably.
  • Dual-layer technology: Upper layer contours the foot which helps distribute weight over a greater area, leading to reduced pressure points and increased support and stability. Bottom layer reduces peak deceleration G-forces (which means greater shock reduction) and adds durability to the insole.
  • High performance moisture-wicking fabric on top pulls water away keeping your feet drier.
  • Easily trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors.
  • 100% Made in USA


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    Thomas K.
    United States United States
    • Shoes you're wearing them in? Other Barefoot Shoes

    Firstly, how awesome is it to get a hand written note with your order from the owner of the company?! That speaks volumes to me. Someone that takes the time to do that must really care about his product and customers. I’ve been looking for an insole for my barefoot shoes for a bit now, not many out there. I just wanted a little cushion without adding any arch support and keeping the stack height to a minimum. So far these are working great! Still get that ground feel and natural movement but with a little softness. Thanks for making a good product!

    Carleigh D.
    United States United States
    • Shoes you're wearing them in? Other shoes
    Perfect insole for the work week

    I use these insoles every work day, working 8 hours outside doing natural resource restoration work. They’ve held up wonderfully and have not yet been impacted by the constant use or sweat! Placed these in my zero drop steel toe boots and it’s been the best decision. While my arms and shoulders get tired my feet have never felt better, I would definitely recommend for anyone working on their feet all day, especially with steel toe boots.

    Leila B.
    United States United States
    • Shoes you're wearing them in? Other shoes

    I purchased these for my Tadeevo Bliss shoes. Wow, what a difference. I still get great feedback from the ground, but these add a bit of comfort as I work in my stride. I’m in my feet all day and these feel great. They don’t raise my foot too high in the shoes, so I’m comfortable on top and bottom of my feet.

    Wendy G.
    United States United States
    • Shoes you're wearing them in? Feelgrounds

    I have been using these for the past few months and they have been helpful as I transition to barefoot shoes.

    Elizabeth H.
    United States United States
    • Shoes you're wearing them in? Other Barefoot Shoes
    super comfy!

    i've been wearing these insoles for a while now and they're very comfy! i needed different insoles to wear in my wildlings barefoot shoes to work because the ones that came with my shoes were a little too thin to be standing on concrete on my feet all day. i work as a barista so there's lots of hustling and these insoles helped to heal a lot of ankle and foot pain i was experiencing from work! they've just the right amount of cushion and still have the flexibility to allow my foot to move any way it pleases. i am super happy with these and definitely recommend to anyone looking for a little extra cushion for moving around on unnaturally hard surfaces like concrete. :o)