Why NorthSole Insoles?

They're extremely flexible:

  • Flexibility lets your feet be feet (your feet have 33 joints so yes they're made to flex, articulate and rotate!). Help them work! 

They're flat:

  • Most insoles are higher at heel making your body have to constantly compensate for this leaning forward position. The body is best aligned when feet are flat on the ground (hopefully you're wearing barefoot or minimal footwear with no heel to toe drop!).
  • Most insoles have artificial (arch) support. This artificial support requires less use of your foot muscles. Over time this leads to weak, atrophied muscles which can lead to discomfort and even pain. Help strenghten your feet by using your foot muscles! Btw: Your foot has 4 layers of muscles. They're built!

They're ridiculously comfortable

  • Instantly turn your most uncomfortable shoes into your most comfortable. 

The Legacy and LegacyThree insoles are designed to contour the foot and absorb energy: With our ability to contour the foot we distribute weight over a greater area, reducing pressure. And when we absorb energy the same thing happens – we reduce pressure! When pressure is reduced comfort goes UP!


Try them today. You will not be disappointed. 


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